Finally, I have my very own YouTube channel, how exciting! After wanting to start a YouTube channel for a very long time I have finally taking the plunge into getting one actually set up and running. I am so happy that this has finally come together and the launch of my channel has actually happened, I must mention without the help of my fiancé/Photographer/Videographer Nick, this wouldn’t have been possible, so thank you.

After following some of my favourite YouTuber’s for quite some time including Lydia Millen, Ashley Brooke, InTheFrow, Tamara Kalinic  and Annie Jaffrey, I thought I could do this too. I definitely feel this is the next step my blog needs to grow even bigger and reach a wider audience.

Then it hit me, I started thinking ‘What if I get ‘hated’ on?’, ‘What if no one likes my videos?’ and ‘What happens if no one subscribes to me?’ but then I thought ‘What if people actually liked me?’ What if everyone actually loved my videos?’ and What would happen if everyone started subscribing to my channel? That was it, the scary ‘WHAT IF‘ thought process that started running through my head all of a sudden, but I thought if I don’t do what makes me happy and I never start a channel just because I’m afraid what other people would think then….WHO CARES!? If it makes me happy thats all that matters to me.

If my channel grows and gets successful then thats just an added bonus, as long as I am getting my video content out there, then thats all I care about. 

So please head over to my YouTube Chanel and check out my first ever YouTube video ‘My First YouTube Video: Florida Holiday Style + Look Book’

Also, If you’re a reader of and you have your own YouTube channel please leave your links below so I can take a look


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