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    The Outfit

    Blouse – H&M // Jacket – Zara // Jeans – Zara // Shoes – River Island // Bag – Guess

    So I was tidying up my forever expanding wardrobe when I came across this tweed style jacket from none other than Zara that I had totally forgotten about. I thought it was the perfect fit for a christmas outfit post due to the hints of red in the wool. Also whilst realising I had forgotten about this coat I came across a few other items I have totally forgotten about also, I think I need a seriously wardrobe detox in the New Year, I fancy a whole new wardrobe, I think I will leave this for a while other blog post. I am now finally getting into the Christmas spirit and I can’t wait for some time off work to finally enjoy the Christmas holidays for the first time in eight years!

    I can’t believe its only five days until Christmas day. I have been so unorganised this year which is definitely not like me and now I am super stressed out as I haven’t wrapped half of my presents and some of Nick’s birthday presents haven’t even arrived for this coming Friday. Anyway, enough about me moaning now, lets talk about the outfit!

    I decided to brighten up this look by pairing this silk style long plain long sleeve red blouse underneath the jacket to give a pop of colour. I then paired my go to black Zara skinny jeans with my open toe crocodile effect black boots. My favourite part of this look is my new bag. I have wanted to get my hands on the Chloè Faye bag for a while but its so expensive and at this point I can’t contemplate spending that amount on a bag just yet in my life! Especially whilst saving for a house. I was so happy when I stumbled upon this bag in Florida, its such a resemblance to the Faye bag its uncanny! I love the gold hardware and the suede and leather fabric detailing.


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