[Some pictures from Disney Springs and St. Petersburg, Orlando Florida from 2017]

Where have I been you may have wondered? Well, my last post [posted exactly 488 days ago] wasn’t intended to be my last one for this long at all. Basically, I was prepared to carry on posting my regular three posts per week. I even had a lot of outfit and travel guide posts planned after another fabulous adventure to one of our favourite spots, The South of France. However my blog basically died. Dramatic I know. I had an issue with my old website hosts and storage capacity and I just had to transfer my blog to a whole new host. This took a whole lot longer than expected [approximately four or so months more] and then quite frankly life just got in the way. Such a lame excuse I know, but. it. just. did.

My fiancé and I [soon to be husband and wife, can you believe that?] ended up buying a house together much sooner than we anticipated back in August, 2017. It was too good a deal to miss out on and then we jetted off to florida in October for two weeks so the house kind of got pushed to one side. then Christmas happened and we all know how much time that takes out on us all, enjoying the festivities with family and friends and then next thing , it was 2018!

We started  off the New Year with a whole lot of house renovation to complete and a lot of shopping to do. We finally moved into our very first house together March 4th, 2018. Seriously you don’t realise how much stuff you have to buy until you move in. We literally only took my bed, mattress, dressing table and bedside table with me from my old room, everything else we had to go out and purchase.

Its now been 8 months living here together and we absolute love it. Even though I do keep nagging Nick to redecorate every room…one day [Sorry Nick!]. We have re-done the living room and dining room which we love although there are still quite a few finishing touches left to add. We I plan on doing out the conservatory, hall, landing and study next as once these rooms are tackled I would be more than happy with the look of the house and maybe the kitchen too..? – but thats an expensive one to change up. 

Also, as I mentioned above its only now 7 months today until our big day and there has been a lot of planning going on but luckily our wedding planner has it all under control for us and she is amazing [Cheryl, if your reading this, THANK YOU!] Seriously get a wedding planner if your planning a wedding, especially one abroad. Its. a. must.

So all in all between packing up my entire life from my bedroom at my parents and moving into our first home together with my fiancé and planning a wedding its been busy to say the least. I am glad to have finally gotten my act together, actually sat down and got wardrobewhispers.com back up online again.

I have some exciting posts lined up ready to get back into the swing of blogging now that I have found my mojo again.

Until next time, Zoe xoxo

P.S…and this ‘next time’ won’t be in another 488 days I promise.



Welcome to Wardrobe Whispers, an online Fashion & Lifestyle Blog created by me! [Zoe Alexandra Green incase you didn’t know…]. I have wanted to start a fashion blog since I graduated from university in 2013 but every time I started on Blogger, WordPress and Wix I couldn’t get the right look as I was limited to what I could do. That is when in January 2015 a fresh new year I decided I was going to do this and get a professional Web Design Company to design my blog the way I have always envisioned it. How exciting!


Blogging has become bigger than EVER and believe me I was skeptical at first as I felt like my new blog would be a needle in a hay stack – but I think I have something unique and different to offer [hopefully]. One day I want Wardrobe Whispers to grow as a successful brand.


I graduated from a Fashion Apparel Design and Construction Degree in 2013 with a 2:1 which I was thrilled about. I dreamed of becoming a Fashion Stylist starting as an intern and slowly working my way up to becoming a freelance stylist. However not being able to afford to move to London where there is more opportunity for my career choice I decided my best bet was to start my own brand – “Start off small- make it big”.


This is when Wardrobe Whispers was born. I came up with the name Wardrobe Whispers because of the idea that clothes whisper to one another in my wardrobe. I hope that by sharing all my outfit posts I will be discovered and be able to collaborate with brands and share my love of fashion and styling with everyone. Hopefully one day you will see me on the FROW.


Currently I am a Fashion Buyer, still trying to find my place in the world although one thing is for sure I know it involves fashion, interiors, make-up or in fact anything artistic!


I hope that you all like my new website and enjoy reading my posts. Please find my social media links on the header and footer of each page and if you would like to contact me head over to the contact page where you are able to get in touch, thank you for reading!

The Outfit 

Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs // Top – Zara // Skirt – Marks & Spencer // Denim Jacket – Pull and Bear // Sandals – Zara // Bag – Zara // Jewellery & Watch – Michael Kors

“Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution”

-Alexander McQueen

Zoe xo