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    The Outfit

    Jumper – Next // Skirt – Next // Tights – Marks & Spencer .. Boots – Zara .. Bag – Lagerfeld

    I seriously can’t wait for the summer now. I am so over this winter weather especially with this ‘Dorris’ storm, it was blowing a gail last night and I had a restless sleep. I just can’t wait for the warm evenings, beach days and when the sun comes everyone just seems a lot more happier in general. I know I was defiantly meant to have been born in a sunny country for sure!

    We shot this post on a cold but dry day down the Marina, there was a glimpse of sun coming from the sky, enough to make your eyes squint but no warmth at all. I decided to pair this roll neck grey knit jumper with a black skirt and dress the look up by pairing these patterned tights from the Limited Collection at Marks & Spencer. I finished off the look by putting my new patent, silver toe cap boots on from Zara which I got in the sale for £49.99. They are so unique with their silver toe cap and the rounded heel make them that but more different than the standard heel.

    I am so excited that New York and London Fashion Weeks have been and I will be posting about my favourite shows next week, and my favourite dressed attendee’s. I am also super excited to see what Milan and Paris have to offer too, and next Wednesday marks the launch of H&M Studio’s collection, I have my eye on a white ruffled dress but I really shouldn’t buy anything I am trying to detox my wardrobe and start over, I am going to be doing a whole post of this and possibly a YouTube video too. Its such a busy month in the fashion world and I hope that one year I will be able to attend New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, that would be my ultimate goal.

    In other news I entered the Look Fantastic Beauty Set Blogger competition, although I didn’t get down to the final 20 I got signed up to their VIP mailing list where I get exclusive offers, invitations to events and insider scoop. Although a little disheartened I didn’t get into the final, I am super excited for the future I just need to keep on going!

    I hope you enjoyed this post, if you read this blog I would love if you could give me some post ideas,

    Thank you, Zoe xx


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