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    I thought I would do an updated blog post on my current skincare saviours. These are the products I swear by and continuously use to keep my skin in good condition. I have been a loyal Liz Earle customer for as long as I can remember and if you want to read more on her products please take a read of this post here as I won’t go into too much detail about them in this post, these products definitely speak for themselves!

    I want to say how much I love the Mac ‘Prep & Prime Fix’ honestly I use this on my beauty blender to give my foundation more of a seamless finish. I also use over my makeup once I have finished applying it to set it. This is also handy for a freshen up through the day whether your skin is looking a bit dry, dull or even if you just need a bit of a ‘pick me-up’ the fine mist settles over your skin cooling and refreshing it all at once.

    Another option to the Mac Prep & Prime Fix is the Caudalie Grape Water, I had only heard of this after going to a make up master class with Sasha Martini and I have loved it ever since. This is the type of product that is also a travel saviour, I always take on holiday with me and keep it in the fridge for when you just get too hot, and it also smells so refreshing.

    Another saviour of mine which I only had for Christmas 2016, so my newest addition to my skincare saviours has to be my Elemis ‘Quiet Mind Temple Balm’. Honestly if you suffer from headaches like I do, or use your computer a lot etc this stuff works a treat. Although pretty obvious hence the name you place some of the gel and when I say some I mean the smallest amount onto your temples just like it says and it relieves your headache within minutes. I also find it handy to put on before bed to get a good nights sleep, and lastly if you feel like you have a bit of a ‘stuffy’ nose this also helps to breathe a little easier.

    I hope you enjoyed this post on my skincare saviours, what are yours? Comment below I’d love to hear.

    Zoe x


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