MAY 2013

This is my portfolio which was submitted for my final graduate collection at university. I based my theme on a look back in time to the golden age of steam, travel and the anorak culture of the trainspotter with a 21st century twist. From “track” to “runway” a catwalk collection of six outfits together with accessories. The collection utilises loose fitting, androgynous shapes with a feminine twist contrasted with a combination of structured garments. Detailing such as quilting and drawstrings that cinch in waists and hemlines have been used to create a more feminine silhouette.

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JULY 2013

This is my portfolio I submitted for a chance to work at the Abercrombie & Fitch headquarters based in Ohio, USA. I was selected by my university teachers to design four outfits to convey the Abercrombie brand. The brief given by Abercrombie was design a ‘Back to School’ theme collection of four outfits.

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