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    The Outfit 

    Turtle Neck – Next // Jacket – Topshop // Ripped Jeans – Zara // Boots – Next

    I can’t believe that when this post goes live it will be the 1st February! Where has the time gone?, It still only feels like yesterday were the Christmas holidays. I have missed the gym for the last two weeks and I feel so guilty but I was just so exhausted from getting back into a work routine that I think I just drained myself too quickly in the first two weeks of January. [any excuse will do]

    On to my other goals, I managed to have a good clear out of the stuff I own, the last bits I have left are to go through my clothes which I keep putting off because I know its going to be hard work. However detoxing everything was very refreshing and it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I also picked up my two new pairs of glasses which have stopped the headaches I was getting so this was a huge relief especially considering I spend most of my days on a computer and my macbook.

     As for my blog, I took a two week break which was not intentional I had some problems with my admin panel and my website design changed without anyone doing anything so after panicking for a week it was all sorted. Trying to catch up on my scheduling took its toll then so I took another week organising this to get back on track so all in all a whole two weeks off my blog was defiantly not what I had planned for the start of January. However with this little issue I was able to ask my web developer to add in a YouTube widget which is linked straight to my channel on my side panel so I am glad it happened in a way to add this in.

    So all in all as much as I am sad the Christmas holidays are over I have so many exciting things planned for this year I just can’t wait to complete my goals. How are all your January 2017 goals going so far?


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