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The Outfit

Dress – Zara // Bag – Zara // Shoes – Topshop // Hat – Topshop

So of course we visited Disney Springs for a second time, how could we not? This year in Florida the weather was a lot more humid [due to ‘Hurricane Matthew’] compared to last October, however this didn’t stop us from enjoying another day out at Disney Springs. Honestly if your planning a trip to Orlando, make sure this is on your ‘to-do’ list. It’s a definite must. 

We decided to grab some lunch at Disney Springs this time as back in my previous post which you can read all about here we had dinner in the Rainforest Cafè. We decided to head to a burger place called ‘D-Luxe‘  to try for lunch and oh my their burgers were humungous – make sure you are really hungry before stopping off here for some food!

Obviously a visit back here was only going to end up in spending some money in Sephora of course. I treated myself to a few more items than I had planned but I am not going to spill too much on this as a blog post about my ‘American beauty haul’ will be coming on Monday 28th for you all to see what I indulged in.

However what I will tell you is that I bought these sunglasses by Vince Camuto. I absolutely love the brand Vince Camuto but I was only really aware of their shoes. I didn’t know they did accessories too. I fell in love with these cat-eye sunglasses as soon as I saw them. They had them in black which I would normally go for as black is so classic and timeless, but in this particular style they looked so much better in this colour which I would call a dark brown fading into a really light beige with mirrored lenses. They are super comfy on my face and don’t slide down my nose like most sunglasses do.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you been to Disney Springs?


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