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    Yes another Cochella post, but it seems fitting as one weekend of Cochella has been and gone and another one is fast approaching. Queue the #Cochella posts cramming your feed in a few days again….[*sighs*as I proper to delete all forms of social media]

    I decided to gather my favourite eight pictures from some of the people I follow on Instagram who were lucky enough to attend the much anticipated music festival this year.

    These eight people are the ones that really stuck to their true style throughout the festival and didn’t get too caught up in the so called ‘festival dress code‘ EG. queue the floral headbands, fringed kaftans, bedazzled face jewels and glitter…so 2008… 

    Head over to each of their Instagrams which I have linked below each photo to check out all their amazing photos from their fun filled weekends. These were my favourite outfits from each of their social feeds that I really felt captured the true style of each individual while looking festival ready.

    Which outfit is your favourite? Comment below, I would love to know.

    Zoe x


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