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    The Outfit

    Coat & Trousers – Zara // Jumper – Next // Boots – Public Desire [selling over on my Depop – ‘ search Alexagrace101’ // Bag – Dune

    If I’m honest I wasn’t going to even post these photos as I wasn’t sure if I even like my outfit or not, and I still can’t decide, but I thought why not post it anyway. I do love this co-ord set and I remember when it first came into the Zara store and I just knew I had to have it. I think personally it would look better with a soft pink blouse and some ‘barely’ there sandals as by looking at the pictures now these boots just look a little chunky for the overall look. It was such a chilly day I decided to put on this roll neck yellow jumper from Next which is so cosy but I think its a bit too much colour wise as there is a lot going on in the coat and trouser print. However, these pictures have obviously been shot and this was the final look, I think I can decide I definitely wouldn’t wear this together again.

    Even though the evenings are getting lighter which I much prefer, especially when your going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark it doesn’t feel like you have a life. So now the evenings are getting lighter I much prefer it as you feel like you have a longer evening ahead of you rather than just wanting to dive straight into bed and hibernate.

    I am so ready for a holiday already and I can not wait to book one or two this year with a few adventures thrown in-between too. I am even more excited to travel and explore now as for valentines day my fiancé got us a scratch map of the world so we can scratch all the places we have been together. We are hoping to cover the majority of the world as there are so many places we want to see and explore

    Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to check out my DePop shop as I will be uploading a lot of clothes within the next two weeks, stay tuned!

    Zoe x



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