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Skirt – Zara // Blouse – Zara // Shoes – Clarks // Bag – Boutique [Majorca]

If you have followed my blog over the last year you will know by now that I am a huge lover of Zara. It is my favourite ‘go to’ high street store along with H&M, Mango, Next, M&S and Debenhams. I just love how Zara create affordable pieces straight from catlwak trends. Did you know Zara actually produce over 12,000 new items a year and it only takes 15 days for a handrawn sketch to appear in store, which for me [coming from a fashion degree background] is pretty incredible!

I also love how good the Zara prices are, you can pick up great quality jeans from £19.99 and dresses from £29.99. There are currently a lot of things I want in Zara after looking in the Cardiff store last week and having a browse online. However I am trying to be more careful in what pieces I purchase after having my wardrobe detox not so long ago. I only want to buy pieces that will be more versatile and only things I really will get the use out of.

Here I am wearing my latest Zara additions including this beautiful satin rose pleated skirt with this very intricate lace sheer top. I thought paired together they worked really well. The skirt I grabbed at a great price of £25.00 in the sale and I think the top was £19.99 which you can get in a few different colours and sleeveless options too.

What is your favourite high street shop and why?, comment below!



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Dress – Next // Jumper – M&S // Bag – M&S // Jacket – TopShop

Ok firstly I apologise for the lack of posts…. I missed two last week and I feel like I have been a terrible blogger. Its been a crazy month and I don’t know where the time has actually gone?

I am going to get better at this. I dedicate so much effort in to getting good pictures and content for I don’t want to let it down by missing out on posting again. I have been busy editing new pictures and I have also been on the look out to purchase a new camera to vlog with for my You Tube channel. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Also in-between all of this Nick and I have finally booked our first holiday of the year, you guessed it back to the South of France. Honestly I would move there if I could. I have some exciting new outfits that I am keeping for our holiday to produce a holiday look book and some blog this space! Check out my Monaco Diaries from last year here, here and here.

I am actually going on a shopping spree this Saturday ready to prep for my holidays and pick up some bits as the weekend after that I have my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes booked in a week before we fly out. I love a good shopping spree and my last one was back at Christmas!



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The Outfit

Jacket – Marks & Spencer // Top – Marks & Spencer // Skirt – Zara // Shoes – Zara // Bag – Guess

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts lately. I had to wait for the ever so dull British weather to finally be nice on one of my days off to shoot some new posts. Unfortunately, that took a while due to the lack of nice weather…anyone else that lives here would understand.

Can you believe its June already? I don’t understand how time is going so fast. Whilst the weather should be turning into Spring here we are getting the odd showers still. Luckily for Nick and I we have booked our first holiday of the year so at least I have some sun to look forward too very soon.I will be posting some new videos over on my YT channel as there will be a holiday vlog and look book going live on there.

I am in the process of starting my holiday shopping. Even though I have collected a lot of clothes over the years and I have finally detoxed my whole wardrobe and it felt so good. I realised I had stuff from years ago that I felt like I just needed a refresh and as I’ve grown up so has my style too. I am all about the more classic, elegant and feminine silhouettes now and wearing stuff that I feel comfortable in.

As my holiday is close approaching and we had a few rare sunny days, I felt a spring inspired post was due. I picked up this ombre lace skirt from Zara and paired it with a mustard top I already owned. I thought the colours worked so good together. I then paired the outfit with my Chloé inspired bag which I picked up from Guess in Florida at a fraction of the price of the Chloé Faye one and then finished the outfit with my Chanel dupe nude and black slip on shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Zoe xx