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Here is a roundup of my favourite fashion looks on so far, I thought this would be a nice last blog post of 2016. I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported my blogging journey since I launched this blog on July 11th this year. I am so excited to bring lots of new and exciting content in 2017 and launch a Youtube Channel too. Thank you once again and I hope you all have an amazing New Year and see you in 2017!

Zoe xx



img_6246 img_6247 img_6250 img_6254 img_6258 img_6261 img_6262 img_6263 img_6267 img_6285 img_6306

The Outfit 

Jumper – Marks & Spencer // Coat – H&M // Faux Fur Scarf – Zara // Bag – Guess // Boots – Marks & Spencer

Todays post is a different one I thought I would share a Christmas shopping trip with you and combine it with how to handle the stresses of getting organised for Christmas day. Of course shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I do it so often I thought I would include it on here for you all to see. I can’t believe Christmas is now only three days away and when this post goes live on the 23rd December I will be celebrating my fiancè’s 26th birthday.

Even though I have posted a few Christmas gift guides which you can see here for gifts for her, here for gifts for him and here for the ultimate luxury gift guide, I thought it would be nice to share a guide on how to handle the stresses of Christmas. Even though in general I really like online shopping a lot more lately because it saves the hassle of going out but ideally nothing really beats a Christmas shop as I find going out to do my Christmas shopping really gets me into the Christmas spirit and lets face it you only need to do it once a year.

Even though the hustle and bustle of going out to Christmas shop can be quite stressful its completely worth it in the end. This year like I’ve said in previous posts I haven’t been very organised this year with getting presents and cards ready so really I’m being a bit contradictive of myself in this post but saying how to have a stressful lead up to Christmas when mine hasn’t been anything but. However as I am normally always organised [but I’ve let slip this year] this guide will not only help you guys out it will also help me remind myself to keep calm and just enjoy the Christmas holidays. and not let stress take over.

1.Prepare a list

Firstly I think the easiest way to get organised is to prepare a list of all the people you need to write cards for and purchase presents for. This way there is no chance of missing anyone out and feeling rather guilty at Christmas. The more you tick off your list the more stress-free you will feel and you will want to keep ticking off people until you have no one left.

2.Shop Early

I think its important to start shopping the last week of November. Just after pay day which is always ideal and just enough time before Christmas to let items be delivered if you need to order anything thats not in stock in store. This allows you that extra lead time to get gifts delivered on time.

3.Wrap Away

Don’t leave all your wrapping till last minute. This is a mistake a lot of people make [me this year] Just because you’ve bought everything you may feel organised but this is not the case! The hard task of wrapping everything can be quite tedious and time consuming depending on how many gifts you have purchased. If also your the reliable one in the family and end up wrapping all the gifts that other family members have bought everyone too on top of your own this is where this can get quite frustrating.


Once you are finally organised with your cards and presents now is your chance to decide which ones you need to hand deliver, post out if they are for family/friends who live abroad or ones you can simply leave under your tree for Christmas day itself.

I hope this mini stress-free Christmas guide is just that little bit helpful, Thank you for reading this post, and Merry Christmas, the next post will be live Monday 26th December.



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The Outfit

Blouse – H&M // Jacket – Zara // Jeans – Zara // Shoes – River Island // Bag – Guess

So I was tidying up my forever expanding wardrobe when I came across this tweed style jacket from none other than Zara that I had totally forgotten about. I thought it was the perfect fit for a christmas outfit post due to the hints of red in the wool. Also whilst realising I had forgotten about this coat I came across a few other items I have totally forgotten about also, I think I need a seriously wardrobe detox in the New Year, I fancy a whole new wardrobe, I think I will leave this for a while other blog post. I am now finally getting into the Christmas spirit and I can’t wait for some time off work to finally enjoy the Christmas holidays for the first time in eight years!

I can’t believe its only five days until Christmas day. I have been so unorganised this year which is definitely not like me and now I am super stressed out as I haven’t wrapped half of my presents and some of Nick’s birthday presents haven’t even arrived for this coming Friday. Anyway, enough about me moaning now, lets talk about the outfit!

I decided to brighten up this look by pairing this silk style long plain long sleeve red blouse underneath the jacket to give a pop of colour. I then paired my go to black Zara skinny jeans with my open toe crocodile effect black boots. My favourite part of this look is my new bag. I have wanted to get my hands on the Chloè Faye bag for a while but its so expensive and at this point I can’t contemplate spending that amount on a bag just yet in my life! Especially whilst saving for a house. I was so happy when I stumbled upon this bag in Florida, its such a resemblance to the Faye bag its uncanny! I love the gold hardware and the suede and leather fabric detailing.



img_6044 img_6056 img_6057 img_6060 img_6064 img_6066 img_6067 img_6069 img_6074 img_6076 img_6081 img_6083 img_6091 img_6092 img_6102 img_6105 img_6129 img_6151 img_6157 img_6180 img_6185

The Outfit 

Jacket, Jeans & Boots – Zara // Jumper – Next // Bag – Karl Lagerfeld

Of course, when I saw this jacket in Zara I knew it gave me an instant ‘Chanel’ vibe and I absolutely had to have it. The white tweed material with a slight metallic thread gives it that touch and makes it look that bit more expensive. This jacket cost around £59.99 but its totally worth the money as its an extra special outerwear piece that you can wear with so many different outfits. I was lucky enough to have a voucher for £50.00 left over when I went to purchase it so it technically only really cost me £10.00, as long as you think like me.

It’s finally down to the my last week in work before the Christmas holidays, officially three days left once this post goes live. I am so excited to be off over Christmas this year. Firstly its my fiancè, Nick’s Birthday on the 23rd December, then of course Christmas day the 25th and then on the 30th its my mums birthday, so Christmas is always a busy one with us [and an expensive one!].

I have had fun these past few weeks getting winter blog shoots done with Nick who plays part-time photographer for me but its also been stressful too as with a full time job I am limited to weekends and when Nick is in work sometimes we are down to one day only to get at least 3-6 outfits shot. Not to mention other complications like the weather for example which is always a risk in Wales and the number one most important aspect whilst shooting is lighting! which is especially hard in the winter as the nights get so dark quickly.

I am also so excited to annouce in the New Year, I will be starting my very own Youtube Channel. This has been in the works now for at least the last six months if not more. I have always wanted to start a blog and finally after a year of designing the layout with my web developer and launching it this July I finally took the plunge, but I noticed a shift in the social networking sites and saw swiftly one by one bloggers expanding their brands over to Youtube. I filmed my first video over in the states while on holiday and this video will more than likely be the first video live on my channel, but of course I will keep you updated on this.

I feel like this is the next step for me and honestly I didn’t think I would do it this soon but I feel like I am ready to get my blog noticed more and expand my audience. I still am very skeptical at starting a Youtube channel as there are so many people that comment nasty things online which obviously puts me off, but I decided I can’t spend my life hiding from something I really want to do just because some people may be making fun of me, I need to do it for me. My favourite Youtuber’s right now are Lydia Elise Millen, Ashley Brooke, InTheFrow and Tamara Kalinic and watching their videos have inspired me that I definitely can do this too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to start your own channel my advice just do it!



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The Outfit

Coat & Shirt – Marks & Spencer // Jeans – River Island // Thigh High Boots – Topshop // Bag – Hugo Boss

Todays post is another outfit one. I thought it was about time I got out my thigh high boots for winter. I absolutely love these. I got them from Topshop in Cardiff after ringing them to put them on hold for me as they were in the sale for £55.00, the road trip was definitely worth it. Just look at them! When I got there I panicked as when she gave me the box to try them on they were in black! I already had a suede black pair of thigh highs from Zara and I was devastated that I had driven all that way and they put the wrong ones on hold. Fortunately they had a size five in the tan too, it was their’s and my lucky day!

I decided to style a cosy look for this post as I am suffering in this cold weather. I started by pairing this coloured stripe, mandarin collar shirt with some simple black skinny jeans. The stripe in the shirt picks out the tan in the boots perfectly and ties the whole look together. I decided to complete the outfit look with my favourite faux fur coat from the Indigo collection at Marks & Spencer’s and my Hugo Boss crocodile effect black bag with gold hardware.

Lately I’ve been having a hard time getting to grips with winter, I think I’m suffering from post holiday blues from Florida still which I got back on the 21st October! [insert super sad face here] It also doesn’t help the last two weeks have been quite stressful lately I have had a lot going on and everything has just got on top of me and I can’t wait for some time off over Christmas to spend with family and friends and get that re-wind and down time I need. I just hope the weather stays cold and dry because even though I am such a summer girl, I much prefer the dry and cold weather than dry, cold and wet! What a horrible combination!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Do you own thigh high boots?




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The Outfit

Coat – Balmain // Jumper – Zara [sold out] // Jeans – River Island // Boots – Next // Bag – Marks & Spencer.

I have been dying to shoot this embroidered jumper for you guys and get it up on here as soon as possible. There is as always a slight story behind all my purchases. I found this jumper on the Zara website a while back but the description was advertising the coated jeans the model had on, and I searched the entire website for this jumper but couldn’t find it anywhere online and I had definitely not seen it in store. A few weeks passed and I finally saw that this jumper had been uploaded to the ‘new in’ section on the website but it was only in stock in a size large and quite pricey at £69.99. I clicked the link to get sent an email to notify me when the small and medium were back in stock anyway.

A week passed by, and I finally got an email to say the sizes were both back in stock but unfortunately by the time I had read the email after work it had already sold out again, but this time there was no email request option available and there was only a large left. I decided to order the large to see if I even liked it, luckily when it arrived I fell in love with the embroidery and decided it looked even better as an ‘over-sized’ jumper. As for the hefty price tag, its totally worth it as detail in the embroidery is very intricate and even better that I still happened to have a £70 voucher left over for there too. So technically it was free for me but I would have definitely invested in this if I didn’t have the gift voucher.

I can’t believe its only thirteen days until christmas. I finally started my christmas shopping on Saturday at last! I have left it quite late this year. I went to Cardiff with my parents as theres a lot more choice up there and we decided to book a table at Miller & Carter in the Bay, which unfortunately I only have pictures of our fancy ‘softails’ over on Instagram only as it was taking on my iPhone camera and the quality wasn’t great to upload here. I was lucky enough to get the majority of my shopping done in one day and I only have a few ‘odds and ends’ left to pick up. Finally feeling ahead.

I am very excited for Christmas this year as I am no longer working in retail and its the first year I have 10 days off and they days are already filling up with plans. I am finally feeling very christmasy this year as I know I can at least enjoy a few good lay ins and not worry about working a christmas sale.

Are you all organised for Christmas this year?



img_5645 img_5663 img_5665 img_5671 img_5680 img_5702 img_5708 img_5712 img_5719 img_5725 img_5733I can’t believe how quick this year has gone and its slowly getting closer and closer to Christmas and I am yet to start my Christmas shopping which is not like me at all, I am normally ‘Miss Organised’ but I don’t know whats happened to me this year so it will be one mad rush to get everything together especially with my Fiancè and Mum’s birthdays either side of Christmas too.

So this is the start of my first winter outfit posts without any ‘Summer holiday’ posts to be thrown in after and annoy you all – unfortunately no more summer holidays until next year! [insert sad face here!] As the weather is changing and the mornings are so dark I am dressing warmer and warmer everyday. For this outfit post I decided to bring out my favourite long camel coat and base the whole outfit around it.

You know that time last year when everyone went crazy over camel tones after the Kardashians were pictured out wearing these style coats? well thats were this coat kind of stemmed from. I didn’t jump at the chance straight away to get one, as I didn’t really like any that were on the high street. However one evening when I was shopping in Marks & Spencer’s and there was a sale on and I was browsing the very miss matched sale rack when just as I was about to give up, I spotted this long camel wool coat. It looked rather big and extremely long but when I looked at it, it was a size 10 which was one size up then I am in general, however I tend to go up a size in outwear so I am able to wear it over jumpers and thicker garments. It was the best bargain I could have got my hands on it was around £350 reduced to £80! I couldn’t leave it there and it was the last one and I had never seen it before, so obviously I couldn’t leave it there.

I decided to pair this coat with a cream faux fur short sleeve jumper from H&M which is so warm and cosy,  and makes me feel like a teddy bear whilst wearing it. I then decided to give the outfit a pop of colour and wear my burgundy wax coated jeans I picked up from Zara at a bargain price of £7.99! Even though they are a slightly different shade to my jeans I put my burgundy boots on from Next which also happened to be in the sale reduced from £85.00 to £30, they give the outfit a bit more of a contrast so it wasn’t too much the ‘same’

Next for accessories I decided to finish off and complete the look with my faux crocodile skin effect Hugo Boss bag which was rather expensive but I treated myself in Florida last year. I do buy a lot in the sales so once in a while its ok to splurge.

I hope you enjoyed this post, What is your go to winter outfit this year?