So here it is, finally, my ‘American beauty haul’. Its been over a month now since I’ve been home from Florida and all my outfit series have been posted and I thought I would leave my American Beauty Haul till last. After following a lot of Beauty Bloggers on Youtube there were many American beauty products that I wanted to try out. I could have easily spent thousands in Sephora and CVS but I managed to narrow it down to the following products:

img_5338 img_5339

So first up is the ‘Urban Decay Setting Spray’ I have heard so many good reviews on this through Youtube I just had to try it for myself. Currently I use the Mac setting spray but as I was running out I thought I would try something different. This setting spray is honestly amazing. The first time I used it my makeup did not budge, and my makeup is prone to going slightly patchy towards the end of the day and sliding off. I couldn’t believe the results with this. I purchased the mini version as I wanted to make sure I liked it, but I will defiantly be purchasing the bigger size as soon as this runs out.


Next is the ‘Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter’. I currently used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer but I had just run out. Don’t you find that most of your beauty essentials run out at the same time? Even though I loved my Smashbox primer I fancied trying something different for a change. I had only previously tried the Becca Cosmetics highly raved about ‘Champagne Pop’ Highlighter which is truly amazing. When I came across this I decided to give it a go, its a very light weight light reflecting primer, this combined with the Urban Decay setting spray really helps to hold make up on all day. My only down side about this is the scent, its slightly ‘lemony’ which might not bother some people but I don’t like the smell of Lemons. I should have really tried it before buying it, honestly its very subtle though so once I have put my make up on I can’t smell it any longer.


I really wanted to try another liquid lipstick after not getting on with the Kylie Cosmetics ones. I decided to try the ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipstick in Dusty Rose. I was really apprehensive about trying another liquid lipstick but decided to give this brand a try. I used it that night and it didn’t transfer on my teeth nor did it completely dry out my lips and crack though wear. I was thoroughly pleased with this product and a little devastated I didn’t invest in more while I was in Florida.


Next onto this ‘Tarte Tarte‘ palette. I fancied getting something by this brand as I hadn’t tried anything from them before. This purchase probably could of been avoided but I just really wanted to try something from them and wouldn’t leave until I purchased something. I decided to go with the eyeshadow palette in the nude colours as I find these more versatile as you can wear them throughout the day and the night as they are subtle enough to do so. I must admit I am very impressed with this palette and I am glad I went for the mini starter kit as its quite a handy travel size with a mirror inside too. I love the Whisper shade as a base  followed by the metallic Crush shade. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and the colour really goes a long way.


Next I have the Nar’s Blusher in ‘Orgasm’ I talked about this in my previous post ‘November Favourites’ as I couldn’t wait to share it with you so here it is again, I just love the pink glow it gives the cheeks and even though the compact is quite small I think its going to last a very long time as its very pigmented, defiantly don’t over do this!


So all the above beauty products were from two trips to Sephora, one at The Mall at Millenia and the other at Disney Springs. Below are the three products I picked up from CVS at The Florida Mall. I didn’t go to mad in CVS as I had already spent quite a bit in Sephora and had to stop myself from going overboard.img_5358

First up I have this Rose Powder Blush from ‘Milani’ in Romantic Rose. I have already got the Baked Bronzer and a Baked Blush from this range but I decedid I wanted to purchase a daker blush to compliment my new liquid lipstick and to have a deeper shade for the winter months. I love the Milani make up brand as its affordable and very long lasting.


I decided to stock up on another Eos lip balm. I picked up this Coconut milk one purely in Florida as it was only $2.99 when I paid around £8.00 for mine in Selfridges, London. I am always using lip balms throughout all the seasons and I find it really good as a lipstick base to smooth the lips out. I grabbed another to add to my collection so I have one for my bag, another for my room and one for work too so I am never without one. I find these Eos lip balms one of the best for my lips.


Lastly from CVS I picked up with’ Milani Moisture Lock Raspberry Oil Infused Lip Treatment’. I saw this in a magazine out there and I deiced to try it as I had never seen it before. Its really moisturising on my lips so it does what it says it should do. I personally wouldn’t run out and buy another in a rush though. It has a very nice smell to it and it comes in a few different scented options so there is plenty of choice for everyone.


I hope you enjoyed my American Beauty Hall. What are you favourite American Beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!




So here is my second instalment of ‘Items I currently can’t live without’. I will be posting this style posts once every other month as this way it gives me a chance to change it up as I don’t want to be posting about the same things all the time. I need to give myself at least a month in-between to be able to afford to try new things and test them out too.


First up I have the ‘Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume No.1 Undone’. This scent I actually picked up last October in Florida, and on returning to Florida again this October I just new I had to pick it up again. It’s so fresh and fruity and I just love the notes they have used. I would definitely recommend this if you wanted a fun, uplifting perfume.


Next up, [again I picked this up in Florida this year]. Its Nar’s number one best selling blush in ‘Orgasam’ The colour is so pigmented you don’t need a lot of product at all which is always a bonus as you know it will last that little bit longer! The colour is this beautiful pinky/peachy blush with a hint of iridescence to give that extra glow. No questions asked, you need to buy this now if you don’t own it already.


Next I have the ‘Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum’. I swear by this Lip Scrub especially in the colder months when my lips have got chapped and dry as the weather is getting colder and colder. Honestly it’s really hard not to actually eat this while scrubbing your lips as it taste so scrumptious!  I use a small amount, [again with this product a little goes a long way also]. I then massage it into my lips for a good 10-15 seconds before using a luke warm cotton pad to gently remove it. If you get really sore/chapped lips in the colder months this product is defiantly for you.


I have already written a blog review on this ‘Kylie Jenner Bronze palette’ which you can read here. I had to include this on my favourites this month as now I have been using it more and more I’m falling in love with these eyeshadows more and more. The colours are so pigmented and really stand out depending on how much product you apply. If you have read my blog post about reviewing these products you all know that I didn’t really get on with the Kylie Jenner famous Lip Kits but I definitely think Miss Jenner is onto something with her eye palettes and I cannot wait to try another one.


A little bit against myself here reflecting on my last post ‘Septembers Favourites‘ which you can read all about here.  I swore that I couldn’t live without my Liz Earle hair oil which isn’t true I can but I miss it terribly. Truth be told, I just couldn’t afford to spend the £17.99 on a hair oil when I had spent so much on a holiday so I went for an ‘Coconut Oil‘ alternative by OGX. Even though I prefer the Liz Earle Hair oil by far [its on my christmas list] I would definatley say this product is worth it for £6.99 and it saved my hair in the Florida sun and did I mention it smells divine?!


Lastly is the ‘Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream’. I bought this a while ago, but I stopped using it for a while, no reason, I just did. However lately I have been using it a lot. Its such a great moisturiser especially for the winter months. In fact I think thats why I stopped using it perhaps I think it might have been too thick for the summer months.

Also if you haven’t noticed already I’ve sneaked two products in this post that I actually have coming up in my American Beauty Hall coming 30.11.16! Only two days to wait! One I have talked about its the Nars Blusher but the second one is the Becca Cosmetics Primer, which I am going to leave you wait and see what I think in my American Beauty Haul.

I hope you enjoyed the second instalment of my ‘Favourites’ and look out for my next one due in January 2017!



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The Outfit

Dress – Zara // Bag – Zara // Shoes – Topshop // Hat – Topshop

So of course we visited Disney Springs for a second time, how could we not? This year in Florida the weather was a lot more humid [due to ‘Hurricane Matthew’] compared to last October, however this didn’t stop us from enjoying another day out at Disney Springs. Honestly if your planning a trip to Orlando, make sure this is on your ‘to-do’ list. It’s a definite must. 

We decided to grab some lunch at Disney Springs this time as back in my previous post which you can read all about here we had dinner in the Rainforest Cafè. We decided to head to a burger place called ‘D-Luxe‘  to try for lunch and oh my their burgers were humungous – make sure you are really hungry before stopping off here for some food!

Obviously a visit back here was only going to end up in spending some money in Sephora of course. I treated myself to a few more items than I had planned but I am not going to spill too much on this as a blog post about my ‘American beauty haul’ will be coming on Monday 28th for you all to see what I indulged in.

However what I will tell you is that I bought these sunglasses by Vince Camuto. I absolutely love the brand Vince Camuto but I was only really aware of their shoes. I didn’t know they did accessories too. I fell in love with these cat-eye sunglasses as soon as I saw them. They had them in black which I would normally go for as black is so classic and timeless, but in this particular style they looked so much better in this colour which I would call a dark brown fading into a really light beige with mirrored lenses. They are super comfy on my face and don’t slide down my nose like most sunglasses do.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you been to Disney Springs?



img_5521 img_5524 img_5527 img_5530 img_5533 img_5534 img_5535 img_5538 img_5539 img_5541 img_5544 img_5546 img_5555 img_5564 img_5573 img_5574 img_5575 img_5577 img_5579 img_5583 img_5590 img_5608

The Outfit

Dress – Next // Bag – Next // Shoes – Topshop

So by the time this post goes live on the 23rd November 2016, I would have been back in the UK for 34 days [and counting] and the weather is probably just getting colder and colder and all I can think about is booking another holiday with Nick for next year already. [South of France, Los Angeles, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida…oh the list goes on and on…where to go next?]

So onto the blog post now, we shot this outfit look at Disney’s Boardwalk. I absolutely love it there, its peaceful and so pretty to explore. This day was particularly hot and it was a struggle to even shoot this look as my makeup was slowly melting up off my face [not even Urban Decay was helping this time!]  and I was very getting restless in the heat especially in a silk blend dress! I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

I had my eye on this dress as soon as I saw it advertised in a magazine back a few months ago. I think it was in the ‘You’ magazine that comes with the paper on a Sunday. As soon as I realised it was from Next and not a fancy fashion house like ‘Prada’ or ‘Dior’ that I wouldn’t be able to justify to spend thousands on at this point in my life [even though I would love to own one], my eyes immeaditley lit up when I realised it was only £35.99! As per usually you all should know by now what I’m going to write next…yes I waited till the big Next summer sale. [which usually falls on my birthday – as I did work there for eight years of my life]. I waited for the sale and managed to get it online for £17.00, half price always feels better. I loved the ruffling detail that carried on through to the off-the-shoulder.

I decided to give this look a little more edge and go for darker accessories and silver hardware to give it a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe. I fell in love with these black studded ‘Venus’ shoes which I actually first saw on Youtuber ‘Ashely Brooke’s’ how to style video [totally obsessed with her style!] I was very pleased to see they were from Topshop and obviously more affordable at £55.00. I finished off the look with a small chain bag from Next from a few years back, but thought it was ‘dainty’ enough to not look too heavy next to the light weight dress, but just enough ‘edge’ to balance out the look.

I hope you enjoyed this post, Do you like pairing rock ‘n’ roll items with  dresses?



img_5377 img_5378 img_5390 img_5397 img_5401 img_5408 img_5414 img_5418 img_5425 img_5435 img_5443

The Outfit

Top – Topshop // Trousers, Shoes & Bag – Zara

I couldn’t wait to share this outfit with everyone. It was one of my favourites of my trip to Florida. I had my eye on these trousers in Zara for a good while but like usual I didn’t pick them up until they went into the sale. I actually got the matching off the shoulder top too, which you can see in a blog post here. I haven’t worn the top and trousers as a set yet, but I like the fact that the outfit is so versatile as you can mix and match what you wear each piece with.

I decided here to pair these trousers with a peach crochet crop top which I have had for a while from Topshop. I thought the colour matched perfectly and it picked up the colour of the flowers on the trousers. The only difficult thing with these trousers is being broderie anglaise. I had to be careful which underwear to wear with them as you would be able to see. I decided to buy a nude and white pair of knickers and see which looked best. I personally assumed the nude would, but the white worked better so thats what I went with even though they were still clearly visible.

We shot these images near the villa we were staying at in Clermont. Its my fiancé Nick’s thirteenth time at Florida so he is definitely familiar with the area so he decided to take me on a mini tour of Silver Creek. He took me to ‘Crooked Lake’ which to get to was a slight hurdle itself. We had to walk through sand dunes and in amongst trees and bushes and a few times I jumped as I could hear rustling coming from them and convinced myself they were gators!

We finally reached the edge of the lake, where you can see in the cover image, it was such a beautiful view and was totally worth the walk in the sweltering heat. We didn’t get too close to the water as I didn’t want to be any gators food for the day! We left shortly after taking these photos as it was also one of the hottest days we had, I honestly was melting this day. I used my Urban Decay setting spray for my makeup and its the most amazing setting spray I have ever used, even in the heat my make up didn’t budge, more on that in my American beauty hall – coming soon!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and like this outfit. If you have these trousers what underwear do you wear under yours?



img_5245 img_5247 img_5248 img_5252 img_5254 img_5256 img_5260 img_5261 img_5269 img_5279 img_5284 img_5289 img_5291 img_5292 img_5294 img_5323 img_5333

The Outfit

Playsuit – H&M // Bag – Zara // Shoes – Clarks

So by the time this post goes live I would have been home from Florida for exactly 27 days and counting…

My second post in my ‘Florida Series‘ is dedicated to a road trip to none other than St. Petersburg. [See my first ‘Florida Series’ post here]. I first visited this place last October and its probably my favourite place to go. The whole experience of the drive down to the ‘Pink Palace’ [AKA: Loews Don CeSar] is worth the journey itself especially driving through Tampa, Florida. I actually prefer the calm and serenity of St. Petersburg than Orlando itself. [Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Disney but I do like some peace and quiet too!]. I was looking forward to our road trip the whole holiday so when the day came I knew I had to do a blog post down there. It is about an hour and a half drive from where we stayed in Clermont, Orlando.

Now lets talk about the outfit, probably my favourite summer outfit purchase this year. I first spotted this ‘dress’ in H&M when Nick and I had visited Cardiff to have a browse one Sunday afternoon about three weeks prior to this holiday. Even though I love H&M [its my second favourite shop after Zara of course] I wasn’t actually planning on going in there. We happened to go upstairs in the St. Davids centre to get a Starbucks and I thought I may as well pop in. Well, I am so glad I did as I spotted this ‘dress’ buried amongst the numerous rails crammed together, on its own, on the end, the last one! It was honestly love at first sight. I was attracted to the unusual print design and the mix of pastel and bright colours used, I took it straight to the fitting room to see if it was meant to be. Fortunately it fitted perfectly but I was surprised to find out it wasn’t in fact a dress like I had originally thought, it was actually a playsuit to my surprise. The material is so thick and structured you would never really tell that it is actually a playsuit until you put it on as it puffs out so much. I really didn’t want to spend anything as I had spent a lot on the holiday itself but Nick liked it on me, I liked it on me so I thought why not and at £39.99 I went straight to the till. It was my lucky day as it went through the till at £20.00! [I do love a good bargain] I couldn’t have been any happier and I thought straight away I have to shoot this on holiday as it would be the perfect outfit with the Pink Palace in the background, so that’s exactly what I did.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, Have you got any favourite pieces from H&M?



img_5099 img_5124 img_5130 img_5149 img_5154 img_5156 img_5161 img_5166 img_5173 img_5179 img_5182 img_5188

The Outfit 

Dress – Firetrap // Bag – Zara // Shoes – Zara

So as some of you may know at the beginning of October I went to Orlando Florida on holiday for two weeks. I honestly had been looking forward to this holiday for a good while. As this post goes live at the beginning of November I would have hopefully slowly got back into the swing of life at home in the UK. No doubt in the dark and wet nights!

My fiancé and I flew to Orlando the day before Hurricane Matthew was due to hit but didn’t think too much about it as it was still deemed ‘safe to fly’. However the entire flight was quite a turbulent one and after around 8hours and 15minutes of flying we were slowly descending to land at Orlando Sanford when we hit really bad turbulence so bad, at one point the plane actually dropped slightly and everyone on board let out a huge gasp. When we finally landed safe and got out of the airport to collect our Ford Mustang our phone services finally switched over to the American network. After having no service for around 9hours or so, we had no idea how serious hurricane Matthew actually was until alert messages popped up on our screens.

After getting our car we wanted to head to the Villa that we were staying in straight away in Clermont. We decided to make a quick pitstop in Publix on the way so we didn’t have to go back out that night as we were super tired from travelling and good job we did. When we got there they announced that they were closing within half an hour of us being there for two days due to the hurricane! it was at this point that Nick and I were rather concerned. We decided to stock up on water and bread and essentials and of course a Philly steak and cheese sub from the fresh deli counter [a must if you go to Publix] and head straight to the villa and get settled in to the American life. 

That night was crazy the wind and rain was torrential and we couldn’t leave the villa it was so bad. Everything had closed and wasn’t opening again until the Saturday [two days later] so we came all the way from the UK to sit in a villa for two days straight, we couldn’t even use the pool because of the thunder and lighting. Luckily I took my laptop so we watched some Netflix, played pool [well I tried] and played darts which I was actually surprisingly good at, I think Nick was shocked himself!

These images here were taken at Disney Springs, when we finally had some decent weather after the hurricane had passed. I was in absolute heaven here with the likes of Sephora, Zara, Vince Camuto and Uniqlo there. I would definitely recommend visiting Disney Springs if you get the chance. Its filled with shops restaurants and plenty of things to do and explore and is suitable for young children too.

I hope you enjoy this post, Have you been to Disney Springs?