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Starting a new year is always an exciting time. January 1st, a fresh year, clean slate and a chance to start over and do it right. This year is going to be my year, I decided that my main goal of 2017 is to actually start doing things I want rather than just waiting for them to miracleasy happen on their own.

Here are a few things I have done/planning to do to kick off the new year the right way:


After the hectic christmas period involving two birthdays also, I always find that the best way to start off the new year is to have a de-clutter, and when I mean de-clutter I mean everything. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am slightly O.C.D. I like everything to be in order and have its own place. So with the madness after Christmas with new gifts everywhere I always like to start with my bedroom. [Especially as I still live at home so this is obviously my main room]. I like to go through each section in my room and have a good clear out, I will go through my socks, underwear, shoes, clothes, bags, skincare, makeup and haircare and get rid of everything that has seen better days or that I don’t use anymore. Anything thats good enough I will certainly sell on for anyone else to benefit. – Watch this space I will be selling a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories soon after my new year detox!  You know what they say clear space, clear mind!


I always like to get any appointments sorted out of the way to kick start the new year knowing your health is ok. I have been suffering with really bad headaches and mild migraines lately so decided to make the move to booking an early eye test [11 months early in fact] to get them checked out. Luckily I went as I need new glasses. I have already chosen new glasses and they will be ready this Saturday to collect, I can’t wait to get them I love having new glasses. I also need to re-book my dentist appointment as I couldn’t make it in December last year. I would really like to get my teeth whitened this year so if any of you have had it done please could you let me know what you thought of the experience?


I always feel like a good way to start a new year is to have a good pamper session. I have done my nails in my favourite gel nail colour by Sensationail in the colour ‘Taupe Tulip’. This is my ‘go-to’ colour as its a good neutral colour that goes with everthing. I started doing my own gel nails as it was so expensive getting them done at a salon and they were never quite ‘perfect’. I also plan on booking my hair in either the end of January or February to get a refresh colour, cut and I am also going to inquire about having an Olaplex treatment thats £25.00 which is a conditioning treatment to replenish hair. My hair has always been in good condition but after a holiday in Florida last October it feels like it needs a deep condition.


Lastly, getting fit and healthy. Nick and I joined the gym last August to get fit and have something to do our spare time. Since our holiday to Florida back in October we haven’t been back and I feel so ashamed! We started back January 4th and I am so glad we have got back into it so soon . We aim to go three times a week and an extra day purely just for a swim and to use the sauna’s. Since being back I have felt much more energised and not so sluggish in the evenings. Another thing is to cut back on portion sizes, eat healthy and for January only I have quit chocolate for the month.

How do you like to start off your New Year?


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