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After suffering from the typical teenage skin breakouts and my confidence level dropping to below zero I came across the Liz Earle skincare range a couple of years ago and I have stuck with this brand ever since.

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Step One: Cleanse

Firstly I take one pump of the ‘Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser‘ [I use two pumps if I have been out and have a heavier make up look on – especially eye products!] Then using circular motions I rub the cream over my face usually starting from the centre and working my way outwards. I then take the muslin cloth and rinse it under warm water, squeeze it and sweep it all over my face to remove the product. The muslin cloth literally removes all your make up and leaves your skin feeling smooth and squeaky clean.


Step Two: Tone

For the next step I take the ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic‘ and pour a small amount onto a cotton pad. I then sweep this all over my face and neck. This tonic is so refreshing it really wakes me up in the mornings. This product also comes in a 200ml spritzer version which is great for taking on holidays and keeping cool in the mini fridges. The spritzer also comes in a handy 30ml size great for popping in your handbag, travelling and to refresh your make up throughout the day.


Step Three: Moisturise

Finally onto the moisturiser ‘Skin Repair Light Moisturiser‘, I went for this in the light option as it is more suitable for my skin. It has a lovely light texture as you can see below and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. It works as a great base before applying my make up routine. It also comes in Normal/Combination and Dry/Sensitive options too.

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Next onto the extra products from the Liz Earle range that I use weekly. Above are the ‘Gentle Face Exfoliator‘, ‘Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion‘, ‘Brightening Treatment Mask‘ and the ‘Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask‘. I also use the ‘Deep Cleansing Mask‘ once a week, which isn’t pictured but I will do a whole post dedicated to that another time.

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Gentle Face Exfoliator 

I tend to use this around three times a week or when ever my skin needs a bit of a pick me up. I use it after I have cleansed my skin but before I have applied the Instant Skin Boost Tonic. This exfoliator is so gentle on the skin hence the name and leaves your skin feeling thoroughly clean, sometimes I find other face exfoliators too harsh so this works wonders and has an amazing scent to it.


Brightening Treatment Mask

This Brightening Treatment Mask is amazing, whenever my skin is feeling and looking dull and needs a bit of a radiance boost I pick this up. Its a great 30 second to two minute mask that instantly brightens my face, once removed my skin looks bright and radiant. I sometimes even mix this into my Hot Cloth Cleanser and use them together.


Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion 

I use this in the mornings after using the Instant Skin Boost Tonic only when Im feeling that extra bit tired and I feel like I can’t even open my eyes, Im sure a lot of people can relate to this! I also use this if I have worn a heavier eye make up look and my delicate eyelids have had a load of make up on them and need refreshing.


Intensive Nourishing Treatment

This Intensive Nourishing Mask is great for whenever my skin is feeling extra dry and a little flaky. This product is great after travelling especially coming off a plane! I tend to use this product a lot more in the winter when the weather is slowly drying out my skin this keeps my skin hydrated.


I always found that the numerous skincare products I had tried over the years smelt so harsh before I had even put them on my skin and I was worried that they were going to do my skin more damage than good. Liz Earle skincare products just smell so amazing and when you put them on your skin they just make you feel completely relaxed and the results are fabulous. If you haven’t tried them already, I would definitely recommend them.

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“The best skincare I have ever come across without a doubt” -me

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are you a Liz Earle product fan? Let me know what your favourite products are below.


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