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Real Techniques make up brushes have always been my favourite brushes especially the bold metallic range which I bought last august and then received a few more for christmas too. I thought if I’m investing more on make up brushes I want to make sure they last and the only way to get the most out of them is to make sure I look after them by cleaning them regularly. Thats why I decided 2-4 times a month I would clean all my make up brushes. I checked the Real Techniques website and found that they actually sold a cleansing make up gel which I thought would be perfect as it was by the same brand. I popped to my nearest boots and picked up the cleanser straight away.


The pictures above are all before I cleaned the brushes. I found cleaning the brushes with just the gel was quite awkward as I was using my fingers to really get the product into the bristles to remove make up residue while running luke warm water over them and my hands were soon getting wrinkly from the water! Thats when I found that Real Techniques had launched a cleansing palette I quickly invested into this as it would make things so much easier.


Above pictured is my original cleansing gel which cost £7.50 and then the palette including two small sachets of the cleansing gel, this retailed for £12.50. It has a handy handle on the back so you can easily slip your hand and its easier to use, [no more wrinkly hands!] see below.



I placed a small amount of the cleansing gel into the palette added a touch of warm water and started moving the brush around on the palette. There are three sections on the palette small, medium and large for different size brushes.



Below you can see my brushes after cleaning, I was thoroughly impressed especially seeing the dirty water been rinsed from my brushes while cleaning – [getting rid of all the germs!]

img_2907 img_2908 img_2909

I will definitely keep purchasing the cleansing gel from Real Techniques. Shop the whole collection here at

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you use Real Techniques brushes or if you have any other make up brush cleaning suggestions?


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