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The Outfit 

Jumper – M&S // Coat – Zara // Joggers – H&M // Shoes – Zara // Bag – Karl Lagerfeld

A coat is one of the biggest things most people get wrong. A great outfit gets styled and it gets completely ruined by just throwing what ever coat you can reach to first, without really thinking about the overall look. BIG MISTAKE! A coat is the final piece that gets put on over that great outfit which is going to be the first thing people see, where as the layers underneath might not necessarily get seen that particular day [depending on where you’re going and the weather of course] but really what you should be doing is styling your outfit around your coat, thats exactly what I did here.

I got this coat in the recent Zara sale which I had my eye on for a good while, especially after seeing one of my favourite YouTuber’s Ashley Brooke wearing it in one of her videos which you can watch here. Its the kind of coat thats going to be well used and a classic ‘go to’ staple piece. One of my main fashion goals this year is to try and create more of a capsule wardrobe and buy more quality items rather than lots of cheaper ones that get thrown out within a few months. I would rather invest long term than waste money on unnecessary pieces. I picked my pieces to match my coat rather than the other way around. I paired it with one of my favourite cream jumpers which picked up the off-white ‘creamy’ colour in the coat and paired some fun faux leather joggers and my new boots from Zara which have silver toe cap detailing on them. I thought the whole look was brought together by this coat and works really well.

January Update: After being smothered in amongst the endless cardboard boxes, tissue paper and plastic bags I have finally called it quits on sale shopping.  [insert sad face] I had around £100 in Zara vouchers for christmas so I didn’t actually feel like I spent a lot this year in the sales even though I did go over the budget I set for myself… but I did get a lot for my money [haul coming soon over on my YouTube channel]. I am now back onto saving, as Nick and I are hoping to get a house this year so I have to be realistic.

I have also decided to start a new blog schedule I am reducing my content to twice a week rather than three times as I feel like with a full time job I would rather produce quality content than rush three half hearted posts out ‘just to get a post out there’. Quality over quantity right?!

I hope you enjoyed this post, How are your January’s going so far?

Zoe x


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