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I started this blog for me, purely because I have been completely infatuated with fashion ever since I can remember. I starting working in retail as a Saturday Job when I was 16 and worked there for 8 years gaining plenty of experience throughout school and university. I applied for a degree in Fashion Apparel Design & Construction where in 2013 I graduated with a 2:1 Degree.

Living in a quieter place where I don’t have access to as many brands, PR’s or Headquarters other than online. I always thought about moving away to somewhere like London where there is so much more opportunity however, I just couldn’t take that plunge but thats was ok as its definitely not for everyone!

The thought of not being able to save money whilst living in London as its just so expensive to live there scared me and I just couldn’t justify it at all as I like to have savings behind me and not live from pay check to pay check and worrying about money in general. The hustle and bustle of being barged about every time you want to walk down Oxford street was just a definite no go for me and stresses me out just thinking about it! Don’t get me wrong though I love visiting London for a few days every now and then! 

So here I am rambling, on what I created where I decided to take the plunge and make my own website and brand where I could be the creator, editor, stylist, model and wear so many different hats and be my own boss that I could be in control of. These days its not what you know its who you know and especially in the fashion industry. I thought this blog could defianelty open up some amazing doors for me. I know by far that it won’t be yet but if I’m consistent and keep going hopefully one day people will notice my blog and I and I will be able to help everyone in a certain way.

These days blogging is such a huge community and I sometimes feel like a needle in a haystack and I do think to myself do people even read my blog?, do they like what they see? Should I just stop? No, because I am not a quitter and I want to carry on. I have blogged three times a week from  July 2016-January 2016 and now I have reduced my content to twice a week to have more quality content rather than rushing out three half hearted posts a week.  I also launched a YouTube Channel this year which you can see here so I definitely needed more time to dedicate between my blog and YT channel all whilst working full time as a home and giftware buyer.

Also due to the unpredictable weather here in Wales its hard to shoot blog posts when it rains the majority of the time!

I would love to hear feedback on my blog posts, what do you like? what dont you like? what do you want to see more of?

Thank you for reading,

Zoe xx


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