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Welcome to my third instalment of my ‘favourite’s’ post, which you can see every other month here on wardrobewhispers.com. I can’t believe I am posting this already as it only feels like the other day I was posting about my last favourites.

So as normal I am starting off this post by mentioning my favourite product of the month which you may have guessed already as the picture may have given this away. Its the Body Shop Lip Scrub in Bubblegum. Honestly this was in my November post but I just couldn’t leave it out of this months. This has been my saviour this winter, my lips have been unusually drier than normal this winter and this has helped so much, if you don’t already have one go out and treat yourself. They have other scents too including popcorn, mint and even fairy dust which I may just have to try for myself too.


Next I am going to talk about my Liz Earle Superskin Eye Cream which Nick got me for Christmas. I have used this every night since I have had it and it keeps the delicate under eye skin so nourished and I have even started to see my dark circles fade slightly.

Also my favourite nail gel colour of the moment is ‘Evening Sands’ by Sensationail which you can pick up at your local boots but make sure you wait for a ‘three for two’ day to get more for your money.


Another new product of mine is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil. I treated myself to this after Christmas using a voucher I had. I fell in love with this oil after having a tester from the counter and using it until I run out and I just knew I had to go and purchase a full size one. Make sure to ask for a tester first before purchasing to make sure it suits your skin.

Liz Earle SuperBalm, this balm is the go to of all balms. Dry lips?, cracked heels?, cuticles astray? Look no further, this helps all of your problem areas! If you don’t believe me go and try it.


Lancôme LA Base Pore Eraser. I had this in my free gift set I received which you can read about here. I only recently opened this as I had forgotten about it and honestly my make up has been staying on all day whilst using this, I have sadly just rung out and I am considering buying a full size version.

How amazing is my Swarovski Pen?, I have had my eye on this for a good while and I really wanted it for Christmas. Unfortunately I didn’t receive it but in the Christmas sales it went down to half price so of course I picked one up, I couldn’t resist!


My Tartèlette Tease Eyeshadow Palette is honestly my go to palette right now. Its got the right mix of shades for daytime as well as night time so is a great little kit to have in your bag to mix up your looks from day to night.


L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, honestly this is my favourite foundation by L’Oréal. It gives me that ‘glowy’ complexion I always yearn for and it just goes on so easily my only disappointment is that it doesn’t as long as I hoped, this won’t stop me from purchasing it again and again though!

Lastly, I had to throw in my new Zara suede shoes [sold out sorry! but similar here!] I know it was mainly a beauty post but I had to include these suede slip-ons. I had my eye on these for a good while but they went down in the sale to £19.99 so of course I grabbed them why wouldn’t I? They are such a good Chanel dupe minus the price tag.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites post this month look out for the next one which will be published the end of March.

What are your favourite items of 2017 so far?


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