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The Outfit 

Dress – Firetrap // Bag – Zara // Shoes – Zara

So as some of you may know at the beginning of October I went to Orlando Florida on holiday for two weeks. I honestly had been looking forward to this holiday for a good while. As this post goes live at the beginning of November I would have hopefully slowly got back into the swing of life at home in the UK. No doubt in the dark and wet nights!

My fiancé and I flew to Orlando the day before Hurricane Matthew was due to hit but didn’t think too much about it as it was still deemed ‘safe to fly’. However the entire flight was quite a turbulent one and after around 8hours and 15minutes of flying we were slowly descending to land at Orlando Sanford when we hit really bad turbulence so bad, at one point the plane actually dropped slightly and everyone on board let out a huge gasp. When we finally landed safe and got out of the airport to collect our Ford Mustang our phone services finally switched over to the American network. After having no service for around 9hours or so, we had no idea how serious hurricane Matthew actually was until alert messages popped up on our screens.

After getting our car we wanted to head to the Villa that we were staying in straight away in Clermont. We decided to make a quick pitstop in Publix on the way so we didn’t have to go back out that night as we were super tired from travelling and good job we did. When we got there they announced that they were closing within half an hour of us being there for two days due to the hurricane! it was at this point that Nick and I were rather concerned. We decided to stock up on water and bread and essentials and of course a Philly steak and cheese sub from the fresh deli counter [a must if you go to Publix] and head straight to the villa and get settled in to the American life. 

That night was crazy the wind and rain was torrential and we couldn’t leave the villa it was so bad. Everything had closed and wasn’t opening again until the Saturday [two days later] so we came all the way from the UK to sit in a villa for two days straight, we couldn’t even use the pool because of the thunder and lighting. Luckily I took my laptop so we watched some Netflix, played pool [well I tried] and played darts which I was actually surprisingly good at, I think Nick was shocked himself!

These images here were taken at Disney Springs, when we finally had some decent weather after the hurricane had passed. I was in absolute heaven here with the likes of Sephora, Zara, Vince Camuto and Uniqlo there. I would definitely recommend visiting Disney Springs if you get the chance. Its filled with shops restaurants and plenty of things to do and explore and is suitable for young children too.

I hope you enjoy this post, Have you been to Disney Springs?


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