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I was lucky enough to have been invited to my first ever blogger event with Pro Nails.  I was really looking forward to this event as I do like to take good care of my nails and I am a huge fan of using gels. I love hearing and learning about new brands so I was really looking forward to attending the event which was held at the beautiful Vale Resort.

Having had gel nails done quite a lot at beauty salons over the years I was getting frustrated at them not being quite the way I liked. I decided to take the plunge and start doing them myself and purchased my own kit about two years ago. I like how it gives me the freedom of doing my nails in my own time. The only thing I really don’t like about putting gel nails on is taking them off! Having to soak them off is such a chore. Also without wanting to admit it, I sometimes peel them off…which I know is so bad for my nail beds. 

When I got to the event, I was thrilled to hear that the Pro Nails team were going to introduce us to a new technique called ‘So Polish, Protect & Peel’. I was intrigued when I heard that you basically just ‘peel off’ your gels once you need too and that they can last up to 14 days. This was an intervention for me – no more peeling my gels off bit by bit and ruining my nails. Basically the ‘So Polish’ is a protective skin that protects your nail so there is no actual contact between the polish and the nail.

Along with all the lovely Welsh bloggers I got to meet we were lucky enough to have the chance to get our nails done. I jumped at the chance and after much deliberation [because there were so many lovely colours] I chose the colour ‘Cookie Caramel’. I was intrigued to see how long they lasted and how easy they really were to peel off.

Well I can assure you that you definitely won’t be disappointed. My nails lasted exactly 12 days and they were still in perfect condition. However I had to take them off as I was flying on holiday the following day and I knew they wouldn’t last another 9 days on top. Well they might have but I didn’t want to risk it the first time trying these. The next important question you want to know is probably did they peel off easily? Well the answer is yes they did. I peeled them off from side to side just like the nail technician told me, rather than from base to tip as you end up weakening your nail. They came off a lot easier than I thought they would and it confirmed to me that ‘So Polish, Protect and Peel’ is going to be the next big thing.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this event and hope I get to go along to more of these great blogger events in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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