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I didn’t actually realise how many blushers I had until I started this post. I have a lot more than these image’s show but these stood out to me more than any others. I never really used to be one for ‘I need to try that new blusher‘ but lately I have been reaching for one of these blushers every morning.

Currently my go to everyday blusher has got to be my Nar’s blush in ‘Orgasm‘ one of their top selling blushers and now I know why. It’s the most beautifully shade that I’ve used with just the right amount of iridescent touch to it, to give that extra glow. I have to try their bronzers they look amazing too. Have any of you got their bronzers? What do you think of them?

I kind of have a theme going on here for the type of shades I go for. Looking at these photos it tends to be that ‘pinky- coral‘ tone with a hint of shimmer.

In order of oldest to newest:

Pout Blush in Rose Tease Rouge CBO3 // This is probably one of the darkest blushers I own and I really like this colour especially for more of the winter months. I used this mainly throughout December

Benefit SugarBomb // A mix of four shades which you can swirl together for a mix or even use individually these always double up as great eye shadows when your on the go!

Benefit Dandelion // A soft delicate baby pink for more of that natural look

Milani Luminoso // A drugstore alternative option if you want to save money I adore this brand and this shade is so beautfiul.

Smash box Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Starblush// I picked this up at a designer outlet for half the retail price, bargain! I love swirling a large blush brush in this to pick up al the colours and it combines a nice soft pink colour with a touch of highlighted mixed together.

Nars in Orgasm // My current favourite, the blusher that I will be purchasing once I rung out this gives the perfect rosy look to the apples of your cheeks.

Milani Rose // This I picked up at CVS in Florida in October 2016 and I just really liked the shape of the powder and of course the colour, its slightly darker than I hoped but its still a really nice shade to wear.

What are your favourite ‘go-to’ blushers of the moment? Comment below, I love to try out new make up products and new brands!


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