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The Outfit 

Jumpsuit – Zara [similar here] // Bag – Marks & Spencer [similar here] // Shoes – Zara [similar here

So the nights are slowly getting darker and the weather is getting colder, [not to mention its getting harder to get up in these dark mornings – [Oh the struggle is real!] and I’m starting to prep my winter wardrobe with all the on trend key pieces that I love.

Leopard print is huge for this AW16 and I have  featured a few hints of leopard print into my outfit posts lately if you haven’t noticed already and I’m not planning on stopping yet [leopard print haters leave now] Ive always been a huge fan of this trend but as Ive mentioned in a previous post in my opinion you have to wear it in small doses as sometimes it can come across as a little tacky. Less is definitely more in this case.

Here I decided to dress up this Zara denim boiler suit with leopard print accessories and I absolutely love the look. I think the leopard print shoes and bag stand out so well and just pop against the denim jumpsuit. I especially love the gold stud detailing on this pair of Zara heels.

Even though I’m more of a summer person theres no denying I love the dry, cold winter nights where I can snuggle in my pyjamas and sip on a hot chocolate smothered in whipped cream in front of a good TV series  or in our days ‘Netflix’. My fiancé and I are watching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning again and I’m hooked. Im also part way through White Collar –  such a good series I would recommend this if you haven’t seen it already! What are your current favourites on Netflix?

I can’t believe that it is November soon, as we all say every year ‘this year has flown by’ but this year has gone incredibly quick and so much has happened including getting engaged back in June, being whisked away for a surprise weekend in Monaco in July to celebrate my 25th birthday and our engagement and also getting a new job back closer to home which I am so thankful for! Before we know it it will be 2017 but first I have an engagement party to finalise and to start my Christmas shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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